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Last week’s broadcast of MBC’s I Am A Singer revealed that Kim Gun Mo, the contestant who came in last place, would be given a chance to compete again in request of the other contestants. The show has since been in the midst of controversy, leading to the producer getting fired and rumors of the show being canceled.

Veteran trot singer and head of the Korean Singers Association, Tae Jin Ah, recently revealed his disappointment on the rapid controversy of the new variety show.

He stated, “This morning when I was leaving my house, I saw an article that was related to the cancellation rumors. At this rate, I’m worried that it will actually be canceled.  When I was watching this variety show, I felt that this is the program that we were all waiting for. Although, I would like something where the singers would enjoy singing instead of worrying over their ranking.”

Currently, Kim Gun Mo has decided to voluntarily leave the show due to the controversy.

Source: mydaily


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When you mention donations and Korean celebrities, the first person to come to mind would be singer Kim Jang Hoon, who has kept the nickname ‘Donation Angel’ for many years.

The generous singer will be making another donation, but this time, it’s for seniors who live alone that have low income, and for people with severe disabilities.

An amount of 100,000,000 won (approximately $90,000 USD) will be donated to a community welfare center for the disabled in Kangnam on the 28th. City hall will then use the money to purchase foods and other necessary items to help the less fortunate.

The singer’s company revealed, “We didn’t know about this donation at all. Kim Jang Hoon does not go around talking about his donations. We are the ones who have to ask him if he had made any.”

It’s great to see this man always putting others before him.

Source + Photo: Newsen

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A fresh photo of Hyun Bin – or should we say, soldier Kim Tae Pyung – along with a new batch of marines was recently revealed to the public.

Taken on March 19th, fans spotted the actor standing in the middle of the front row with the same pose, the same uniform, and the same expression as the 21 other marines.

Many have been praising that the actor’s good looks kept shining, even as a soldier. Netizens left comments like, “You just cant hide the force of a celebrity”, “He’s handsome even in that state”, “Kim Tae Pyung, you look like a man”, and “I miss you Hyun Bin.”

Source + Photo: Mydaily

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MBC has decided to replace their producer for the new variety show, ‘I Am A Singer’.

The sacking came about after producer Kim Young Hee made a controversial decision to allow the contestant who landed in seventh place to compete once again. Netizens and viewers alike were furious, as the original rules clearly stated that the singer who landed in last place would immediately be disqualified.

Since the show enjoys a high popularity and viewer rating, MBC quickly acted on the backlash and revealed that they would be replacing the PD.

MBC stated, “We will be replacing the producer of ‘I Am A Singer’, Kim Young Hee. Although the rules for the show were changed due to a serious situation during recording, disqualifying the singer in last place was a promise to viewers.”

It has not yet been stated if the modified settings will be kept for the future, or if the show will go back to its original rules.

Source + photo: mydaily

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Having just released their debut Japanese album SHOCK, the boys of B2ST already accrued immense popularity from the public, as the album climbed to second place on the Oricon Weekly Chart.

Oricon Style stated on their official site, “In just one week, B2ST’s debut album ‘SHOCK’ had sold 29,000 copies, which placed them second on the Oricon Weekly Chart. The group has set a new record for debut album sales not only in Japan, but in all of Asia.”

Although B2ST had made plans for significant promotions and concerts, everything had to be canceled because of the recent Japanese earthquake.

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Singer Sung Shi Kyung confessed that at one point in time, he was really jealous of Kim Tae Woo.

But what was the reason?

The singer was a special guest on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ radio program on March 21st, and through it, he talked about his past in the military.

He revealed that he was very jealous of Kim Tae Woo when both of them were in the military because he himself possessed a quiet voice while Kim Tae Woo had a strong, loud voice; in the end, that difference resulted in Kim Tae Woo making a better impression on higher-ranking soldiers.

Sung Shi Kyung had also confessed that he was a great fan of IU’s, who was also a guest on the show. Sung Shi Kyung admitted that during his time in the military, IU was not only his addiction, but the addiction of every soldier on base.

Source: MyDaily


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Although his physical appearance may not qualify him as being ’super hot’, it seems like the ladies are attracted to Kim Tae Woo for something else, as he himself stated that he had no failure in picking up girls.

On this week’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, Kim Tae Woo revealed, “I have my own special ability in stealing the hearts of women. I don’t believe I have ever been rejected by a girl who I had my eyes locked on. I invite girls who I have interest in to concerts and such. “

Kim Tae Woo revealed his know-hows on how to get girls, and even tested it on the females at the recording.

Source + Photo: mydaily

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The long-awaited announcement of the first disqualified contestant of MBC’s I Am A Singer has finally been revealed on this week’s broadcast.

The first batch of artists, which composed of Yoon Do Hyun, Baek Ji Young, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Bum Soo, Lee Sora, Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park), and Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup, had been assigned songs from the 80’s and performed to an audience of five hundred people that ranged from ages 10 t0 50.

All of them were spectacular, with each performance giving shivers down many fans’ spines. However, the results were even more surprising, as Yoon Do Hyun came in first with his rearranged version of Lee Sun Hee’s hit track, ‘I Will Always For You.‘ In last place was Kim Gun Mo, who sang Lim Ju Ri’s ‘Wear Lipstick Heavily.’

An unexpected turn of events then occurred – Kim Gun Mo was given a chance to compete again next week, on the request of the other singers, leading to no disqualification just yet.

So for those who enjoyed Kim Gun Mo’s performance – rejoice, as he will be returning on the next episode. On the other hand, for those who wished to see the replacement will have to wait for the next disqualification, which will be in the near future.

Check out the performances below.

Yoon Do Hyun (with YB and Uni) – I Will Always For You

Jung Yup – Crush

Kim Gun Mo – Wear Lipstick Heavily

Lee Sora – To You Again

Kim Bum Soo – You Look Like A Rose

Baek Ji Young – At Anytime

Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) – Watercolor Of A Rainy Day

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Indie band Jang Gi Ha and the Faces gave hope to many independent artists in Korea, as they hit a major success with their first album, reaching over 35,000 sales.

Recently, 1ocm, another indie group (who allkpop previously included in our “Unhyped Talent” feature) has reached a similar level of success, as their first album, 1,0′, has sold nearly 20,000 copies in a single day. Their popularity gave them the nickname, “The 2nd Jang Gi Ha and the Faces”.

The group’s label revealed, “Their first official album, ‘1.0′, sold out in a one day and is currently reaching 20,000 sales. If this trend continues, it may set a new record for indie groups.”

Their digital single, “Americano“, received much attention, which is what brought the group to fame.

Check out the song below!

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Last month, we revealed that girl group SNSD would model for Woongjin Coway, Korea’s number one water purifier company. However, no exact date was given for the release of their CF, as the only information given was that it would be aired in mid-March.

Well, those in Korea watching television today experienced first-hand the cute, lovable, fruitiness of the nine girls, as the CF was finally released today on major networks.

Check it out below!